Oh yeah, huh.

I keep forgetting that I have one of these blog things. Have to remind myself that it doesn’t amount to anything if I don’t do anything with it.

Anyway, I have decided that high-school math needs to include far more budgeting, home accounting, basic investment, and tax law math and far less sine/cosine/tangent, Pythagoras math.

I’ve spent most of the last year sweating our tax situation and hoping we don’t owe to find out we will still get a refund simply because nobody ever taught me basic tax procedures. 


The Next Few Months 

After a year of strange, inescapable, tax-related unemployment, we are finally in a position to get on with our lives. What’s left of our money will not last forever. 

Right now we are waiting with baited breath for two things. Firstly, we must see what tax season has in store for us. We don’t fully understand what last year’s fiscal insanity will amount to. Suffice it to say we hope it doesn’t hurt to much. Secondly, it would be useful to see the immediate effect of our new President on the economy before we decide which side of our leaking boat to jump off of.
So, between now and Easter it will be very important, but very difficult for me, to be patient and clever. If you read thus before May 2017, pray for us.


Ugly post but here goes.

The reasons for this blog:
1. Keep me focused on my homesteading goals.
2. Document all my various thoughts and discoveries regarding self sufficiency.
3. Link to all the other wonderful info I find including but not limited to gardening, animal husbandry, recipes, home building, permaculture, diy domesticity, food storage, voluntary simplicity, etc.

I hope that eventually this blog will be interesting and relevant to many people, especially those who are or want to be homesteaders, hobby farmers, or simply live more lightly on the earth.

Leap of Faith

I believe in my heart that a bit of land and little handbuilt house are in my future. I don’t know when or where or how. I do know that it is not impossible and that I must start taking steps to get there.  This is the first real step on that journey.